The Spiritstone Red really upped the glam on this Egyptian necromancer-inspired character. I used a gold pen to detail out the cloak, and my tiniest brush to fill in the writing in the book, but apart from that, this was an exercise in executing what I already knew really cleanly.

Fatih min al’Jahim grew up in a noble family of clerics, priests, sages, scholars, and wizards. Most devoted their studies to the sun, life, and nature. From an early age, he had a childhood friend, Maryam, from a rival house. She taught him about the darker aspects of magic, to which he was instantly drawn. The studies of death, spirits, and necromancy fascinated Fatih and became his life’s work. Despite his family’s efforts to stop his vile studies and his relationship with their rivals’ daughter, Fatih and Maryam eventually fell in love. Fatih became shunned and outcast by most of the family, and cut off from his father’s fortune. On the morning of the day of their wedding, assassins hired by the al’Jahim family killed Maryam in her bedchambers and stole her body. Since then, he has made it his life’s work to amass enough power to take revenge on his family, retake control of the estate, and find his bride’s body and return her to life.