There wasn't a crash course in skin tones quite like painting a naked mini! First time I tried something like this, and it looked like a totally different style of painting compared to what I'd done before. For the colours, I followed the colour guide on the Citadel app. Especially happy that I tried to do this as a very quick task (15 minutes), and it was!⁣

The royal court struggled to maintain its composure as a rotund dwarf, wearing nothing but his beard, roared his introduction. "I AM THORIK THE IDIOT AND TODAY I WILL PERFORM THE EPIC BATTLE OF RESAPHA!" He pulled on his jester cap and began to dance a whirlwind around the court, brandishing his puppets at the highly amused nobles, voice rising with the flow (and ebb) of the fight, and positively hollering when "MIGHTY ZANDAR STRUCK DOWN THE FOUL DEMON AND CLAIMED VICTORY ON THOSE BLOODED FIELDS!!!". Panting heavily from all the exertion, he took his bows and curtsies and may or may not have purposefully mooned the King.