The most challenging part of this was painting in the tiniest lute strings which the 3D printer hadn't *quite* captured, it ended up being half "sculpted" and half freehanded. But it turned out alright in the end.

Ali ka-Zaam is a golden-skinned half-elf from the mountains of the desert nation Zhyrkania, Ali is a Zendik Ardah – or “Blade Dancer”. Similar to bards, sorcerers, bladesingers, or even barbarians in some ways, the Zendik Ardah are a rare and elite group of warriors unique to Zhyrkania. Having the blood of genies, only a few are born in a generation. The power of their blood gives them great dexterity, magical power, and a measure of martial prowess. As they mature, they take on more genie-like traits, with some legendary Zendik Ardah reportedly turning into full-fledged dao, djinni, efreeti, or marids. ⁣⠀

A storyteller, magician, and comedian by trade, Ali found himself paid to insult a powerful noble at a house party not too long ago. He has fled the city under threats of execution, and met up with his “new entourage” the Storm Riders – Lakima the air genasi monk, Gronak the human barbarian, Bahira the air genasi storm sorcerer, and Aun’tyr the dragonborn cleric of Bahamut.⁣