The biggest challenge on this was probably the black skirt. I was initially at a bit of a loss as to how to shade the black(???) but ended up just doing a solid base coat of black and slowly building up the highlights on the folds of the skirt before freehanding the hem on.

From young, Luvon Reymenor has always had an affinity for magic, casting cantrips and learning convoluted spells well before any of his peers. But he would never boast, it wasn't in him to boast. He would explain and show what he knew without the intention of showing off, but his prodigious talent garnered jealously nonetheless.

Luvon also loved being able to affect the world through the elements rather than waiting for nature to take its course, favouring the School of Evocation in his pursuit of the magical arts. That said, he respected each School on their own merits, understanding that magic was at its strongest when they all worked in harmony. However, he did love one thing above all else - being able to explain the world through the study of the Weave.