More firsts with this one! My very first dragon and ever attempting something so large. My first time assembling something on this scale, and also filling in the gaps with putty. But the cherry on the cake was experimenting with Sunin7's pearl colours to add the oil spill to the base. I'm super proud of how that effect turned out!

Diabolus stalked disdainfully across the putrid, foggy swamp that she had claimed as her lair. The liquid beneath her feet was so ancient and rotting that the stench had long driven away the wildlife and the local flora had been dead and decomposing for centuries, the oil rising to meet her stride, drawn to the natural aura of filth and pollution. Snorting a pale mist of acid in satisfaction, she continued her exploration across the univiting environment, revelling in the eerie silence of the empty swamp.

I bought this dragon for my very very first DM when I'd just started painting, and when she unboxed it, the rest of the party exclaimed in mock dismay "what have you done, now we're going to have to fight this!" This is the largest mini I've worked on yet, and I'm super pleased with how it turned out. One of the non-painting-technique lessons I learned while doing this was how to fight burnout - keep your passion up by finding different aspects to be excited about. It could be the fantastic sculpt you picked up, or experimenting with new paints and techniques, or your smoothest blend yet on the wings, or nailing the intelligent eyes behi