I was lucky enough to receive this bust as a prerelease preview from Carlos at Black Sun Miniatures. There are so many beautiful volumes sculpted by Joaquin Palacios that I knew I wanted to paint it right away. After spending time with Marc Mascalans at his studio a few months ago I knew this bust was where I wanted to flex the creative muscle and apply Marc's learnings. The only problem was we had just had another international move. So it has taken a bit of time but I am now finished.

I wanted to keep it pretty clean (although he should be covered in blood and grime) as if he is ready to do battle. I also wanted to apply the classic Khorne red and gold colour scheme to this half orc. I also realise that I have made him a giant umpaloompa with orange skin and green hair (I know he's bald but his eyebrows are green!) Hahaha