I finished a new personal project, the Chameleon from Robot Rocket Miniatuers. I knew I had to paint him when I saw it at the SMC last year. Nice sculpt and I always love to paint animals even if they are mostly basing details for 32mm models. On this project I tried to work with very bright colors, interersting skin patterns and dot textures that are not sculpted. It was definitely out of my comfort zone. I kept the base simple, but still tried to built the tree in a nice quality. I wanted to focus on the miniature and the painting process. With 5 working days it's one of my fastest projects.

I prepared a complete Tutorial for him which will be available after my Patreon Break at the end of this year. The paying cycle is paused at the moment, but it's still possible to watch the over 50 already uploaded Tutorials.

Thanks a lot for votes or comments.

Best regards