Eyes were challenging because of proximity to the bow. First time painting pink hair(!) and I need to work on the colours more. First mini done without Citadel paints, and WOW, P3 and Vallejo are lovely.

Lyria is an Eladrin, aligned with the season of Spring, that lives in the Feywild. In her childhood days, she lived in a village inhabited by Fey creatures. She is an orphan and has no recollection of her past, which led her to being shunned by the many creatures in the village. They often told her that she didn't have a role in the world and would be forgotten eventually.

From young, her thirst for adventure lead her to explore every corner of her Fey village, and look for new experiences wherever she went. Eventually, she decided to live in isolation in a small cottage away from the village, when she realized that it couldn't hold her interest anymore.

One day while exploring, she finds a crystallized flower in the middle of a flower patch. Upon touching it, she suddenly finds herself in a different location, with the flower in her hand. Unbeknownst to her, her magic fused with the flower and reactivated a Fey crossroad. Upon discovering that there is more to the world than just the Feywild, she left her old cottage behind. She packed her things and now travels the land in pursuit of adventure and freedom. It didn't matter that people told her she wasn't important, or didn't have a role in the world - that just gave her freedom to become anything she wanted to be.