Rozok the beastmaster
Rozok the beastmaster
Rozok the beastmaster
Here is my version of this beautiful Joaquin Palacios sculpted piece produced by Black Sun miniatures. Thank you for your comments always appreciated.
  • Clive Jackson

    Nice job!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank a lot Clive ! I’m glad you appreciate my work ...;)

  • Clive Jackson

    You are welcome! t’s a very well executed version…I have this in the ‘to do’ box, when I get around to it, I am hoping to do this one as part of a vignette.

  • Siuhkyls :)

    Bruno, my friend, really, reallly beautiful work! GOLD from me :)

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks you very much my friend, I’m happy that you love my painting, your opinion is essential for me ..;)

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Bravo Bruno, encore une bien belle pièce. Les rayures du tigre passent bien mieux au final.

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Eric pour ton vote et ton passage dans mes travaux, j’apprécie beaucoup ;)

  • Francesco Thau


    • BranPLUS

      Grazie Mille

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    Nice !!! Gold !!!

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks a lot Andrii

  • Toni_Chk

    Lovely job, the skin of the tiger looks awesome!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much Toni, I really appreciate ;)

  • Ioannis PapadakisPLUS

    Bran, you paint the skin amazingly,
    gold work

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks loannis for your kind words

  • Andrey MiroshnichenkoPLUS


    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much Andrey, I’m glad you like my painting, I appreciate it a lot.

  • UFO70

    By the power of Grayskull! :D
    Nice Work!

    • BranPLUS

      Yes, the masters of the universe ;D Thanks a lot UFO70

  • Blast Model

    Really like. GOLD

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much

  • Alex SilvestriPLUS

    Or bien sûr

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks Alex, you’re nice and a great painter !! I’m happy to meet you on P&P, maybe one day I’ll have the chance to meet you and shake your hand with great pleasure… :D)

  • Theodoros GiannakopoulosPLUS

    The fur of the beast looks so natural…. Very nice job!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you Theodoros ! Glad you like it.

  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    Hello Bran
    Good job!
    Wonderful the light-shadow effects, this becomes very clear with the sword as the color fades to the top

    • BranPLUS

      A big thank you Pit, for your comment !!

  • Alessandro NatalePLUS

    Love this one, the tiger and its fur are really amazing, great work! Gold!

    • BranPLUS

      Merci beaucoup Allessandro d’avoir posté un commentaire, j’apprécie beaucoup !!

  • luigigraffi

    Amazing !!! Gold!!!

    • BranPLUS

      Grazie mille Luigi

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Very nice Bran!! Congrats! Best, Mariano

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks a lot Mariano ;)

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"PLUS

    Amazing work!! Congrats!! Gold

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks so much !!

  • Fabien DOUGNIER

    Superbe travail Bruno ! De l or évidemment

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Fabien,  très content que tu passes voir mes travaux et que tu laisses un commentaire,  ça me fait plaisir !!

  • Capoch

    Great painting Bran! Gold

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks so much Capoch !