Hi everyone!
Here is my latest finished miniature. This is the Echoes of Death Mage from the Kindom Death.
The minute I saw this miniature, I knew I wanted to make her super colourful, with loads of different fabrics and freehands.
As I was listening to The Wheel of Time series while painting this figure, she is highly inspired by the Tuatha'an. There is a leaf pattern on the base, as a link to the "Way of the Leaf" as followed by these people in the story.

I hope you like her :)
  • AlexanderBorodenkov

    Great detail! I like this job! Gold!

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Great. I like it. Very beautiful free hand. Gold

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Absolutely gorgeous work, Maartje! I love the way the different patterns match together. Cool piece :)

  • Bran

    An absolutely superb painting on this very feminine miniature, congratulations for the free hand on this scale, what mastery !!

  • Luceq

    I love those freehands, great job ! Gold

  • Alex ✍

    Great job!