Fairy Tales: the fairy and the giant
Fairy Tales: the fairy and the giant
Personal project i sculpted digitally and 3d printed, that i took to Monte San Savino show 2019, green category.
it is a scene depicting some kind of idea i had for some time, a tale in which a fairy looses her wings while saving some animals from a wildfire, and a gentle giant help her fly again by building a balloon. kinda of an allegory of how friends can help you "heal your broken wings"
  • pstockley

    Cool concept, well executed.

    • danko

      thanks a lot :)

  • Roberto Sirchia

    come detto dal vivo, è un pezzo bellissimo che mi ha colpito un sacco! super complimenti ;)

    • danko

      Grazie Roberto, se mai ne faccio delle copie sappi che una te la mando al volo!! :D

  • Jakob Villien

    This was one of my favorite in greens. Beautiful!

    • danko

      Oh thanks Jakob!!!

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf


    • danko

      thanks!! :)

  • Enrico Collenzini


    • danko

      Grazie!!! :D

  • Kevin "Kefa" Fannin

    I want to paint this sooooo much!!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Lovely cute!