Here is my version of the fantastic sculpt from Lucas Pina. I need to thank Ben Curry for letting me join his experiment with Ivan Hortal and Magnus Fagerberg. We each did our own version, ensuring none of the others knew how we were approaching our own piece.

Originally I'd thought of returning to an old idea I had of blending all the colours to grey in the shadows, but thought this may be too similar to whatever Magnus was working on as he has a mastery of desaturated tones. So after a while I thought I could blend to a single shadow colour such as blue, and from there it just progressed to a rather simplistic comic style concept of warm and cold colours.

I feel a lot of this owes it's inspiration to the work of Cam Kennedy, especially "Light and Darkness War". There is no attempt to match the colour to the material, the skin is just as yellow and blue as the feathers. Nor is there any real attempt to treat the blue as some sort of under lighting; the placement of the lightest blues being for their impact.

The blues were from the scale 75 range
The warm tones were from Kimera (with a little help from a couple of GW reds)

I hope you find it interesting
And thanks once again to Ben, Magnus and Ivan