Hello fellow lovers of minis!

Here you can see the finished images of my latest finished work which is the Alaana the Bloody Blade model from Big Child Creatives. I had a particular idea here where I wanted the appearance of sunrise off to the right of the scene. I put a lot of time and effort into trying to ensure that this was properly received by the viewer so I really hope you like this.

This is my first time painting a background and actually pretty much my first time ever doing a flat painting like this. I've done a couple of small freehands on some flat things but nothing close to the challenge of this. I've never thought a background is right for a mini until now and I have this idea that if you're going to do a background you really need to have background there to really help sell the idea and story of the mini and scene rather than just a background for having a background's sake.

Anyhow, I hope you like it and thanks to all the people out there who are doing all the awesome works lately that have inspired me to push myself and try some new things without that constant awe I never would have attempted something like this. I've waffled on enough for now, I hope you like this piece :)