I keep on honing my painting skills. Wanted to do something a bit different than regular male military figures.
Thankfully, the bust from FeR by Pepa Saavedra, despite being very romanticized - is truly inspiring! It's hard to find decent and not "vulgar" female character. Used Scale75 acrylic paints from various themed sets. Still trying to figure out the NNM technique.

“In stature she was very tall, in appearance most terrifying, in the glance of her eye most fierce, and her voice was harsh; a great mass of the tawniest hair fell to her hips; around her neck was a large golden necklace; and she wore a tunic of divers colours over which a thick mantle was fastened with a brooch. This was her invariable attire ...”

- Cassius Dio
  • eric wolfsPLUS

    I like this version of Boudicca as a young and beautiful lady. The face pai ting is great. Gold

  • SergeyPopovichenko

    Yes!!! Good work!

    • Alexey Pavo

      Thank you, Master! :D

  • Kyle Maitland

    You have done very nice on the rough spun shirt.

    • Alexey Pavo

      Thank you you for the feedback, means a lot!

  • Philippe

    Great work! Gold!

    • Alexey Pavo

      Thank you so much!

  • Perfect Tommy

    Great job on the fabrics!

    • Alexey Pavo

      Thanks! I loved your Uther miniature! I have one in my stash :D

  • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

    Very nice version of buddica ! I know this bust is difficult. Congrats