Manufacturer: Chronos miniatures
Scale: 1/24
When painting was used acrylic paints Pacific 88 and Vallejo
The base is “for it to be” because the figure is planned as part of a diorama with the participation of several more characters.
The figure is interesting both in itself and in the context that I tried to draw a lot on it for the first time. Large volumes of “textured” wool, large masses of hair, large areas of a non-black body ... well, and something else :)
Traditionally, I will be very grateful for the criticism, wishes and suggestions.
  • Sergey PopovichenkoPLUS

    Топ!!!! Золото!

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Спасибо большое :) Стараюсь в чем-то прогрессировать по мере возможности.

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"

    Nice. Gold

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Many thanks! Glad you liked this paintjob.

  • eric wolfsPLUS


    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Thank you for your positive opinion!

  • Maiorov Stepan

    Крайне замечательно!!:)

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Вельми понеже :))) Вот. Хоть периодически что-то вроде куда-то получается :)

  • Archigrog

    Very nice!!

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Thanks! I am glad that the work made a good impression.

  • pstockley

    That’s a cool sculpt, well done.

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Thanks a lot! Yes. The sculpt is excellent!

  • Alex ✍

    Good job ❤️

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Many thanks! I am very glad that you liked my painting.

  • Francesco ThauPLUS


  • Poliakov_Andrii

    От меня - ЗОЛОТО !!!! Все Супер !

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Спасибо большое Андрей :)))
      Но вот по поводу “супера”, что-то недоговариваешь ибо на СП 5+ воткнул :) Значит чегой-то царапнуло взгляд :) Колись :))))

  • Bran

    Your painting is very precise, very “readable”, it’s the style of painting that I really like !!

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Merci beaucoup!  I am very glad that you continue to like my paintwork!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Really beautiful!

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Thank you very much. I am very pleased that my paintwork made such a positive impression on you!

  • Fabio Naskino Fiorenza


    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Thank you! Glad you liked my painting of this figure.

  • girlpainter57

    a great palette , soft and gentle

    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Thank you very much for the appreciation of my paintwork! When painting this figure, a “limited palette” was used. There are almost 6-7 colors.

  • Ilya "IL" Branshteyn


    • Eugene Dravskikh

      Благодарю :) Чрезвычайно рад, что понравилась работа.

  • Andrey Miroshnichenko

    Замечательная роспись, очень круто! Золото!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Gold for a very strongly realistic paintjob!!!! Uncanny!!!