I was torn between a really dark or even black scheme with light only coming from the lanterns and more standard lighting as if in daylight. While I love what others have done with the dark scheme, these models are more like "sculptures" to me, they're so beautiful (honestly the most beautiful minis I've ever had), I decided to try for somewhere in between.

I had a general offset lighting from above that comes from the opposite direction of their lanterns to try to sell the OSL effect more. Because of that, I also chose to try making the lanterns a little more "dim" than what I've seen other paint-ups have. More localized OSL, in my opinion, can have a stronger effect.

Another thing is I know there should be an area of shadow below the lanterns (cast on the stone face ground) since the base of the lantern would block light, but I was trying to capture the same color and mood of lighting and color as in the rulebook's prologue story artwork... so I couldn't help it! I knowingly went overboard with how much light hit the ground.
  • Clive Jackson

    Great work at this scale! Gold!