• Francesco Thau


  • MetalasmediumPLUS

    Gold X 9! Outstanding!

  • Chris / g0rb

    Wow, this is outstanding! The skin and textures are awesome, and the bases look great. Gold!

  • gino2dope poppe

    Your best yet, GOOOOLD!!!!!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    What a beautiful unit!

  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    Love those bases!

  • Stavros Zouliatis

    Damn, these are so good, excellent work mate bravo!!!
    Gold and favourite :)

  • Theren "Canny" Williams

    these guys are great buddy!

  • Bran

    Always such a precise painting on these so small figures ....

  • codenamezeroPLUS


  • risk0

    Wow, thats pure gold:)

  • Dexter0015

    I love your woke. The painting and the base works looks awesome. Gold.

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    great painting at that scale !

  • Albert Moreto FontPLUS

    Love the bases John! Great work!

  • Alex ✍

    Great job as always ❤️

  • Capoch

    Very nice painting! Would love to have a warband painted in such quality

  • Wilfried "Wilgor" Collas

    Great job John !

  • Andreu "Morglum Minis"

    Fantastic warband! These bases are awesome ;)

  • Adam

    Everything about these guys is amazing work. Gold!

  • Andrey Miroshnichenko

    Great painting John! Gold!

  • Werner Kellens

    Amazing, gold!

  • Jonatan Gil - Elinhir

    amazing John !!!

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    GOLD !!!

  • John Regan

    Outstanding painting. The skin tones alone are worth a gold medal but everything is stunning. Damn John, bravo!

  • fabrizio1969PLUS

    awesome!!! gold

  • risk0

    Pure gold

  • Steve Garcia

    Sweet unit. Gold fore sure

  • WojciechBober72


  • SergeyPopovichenkoPLUS

    Wow! Its cool!