As I'm sure most of the world is aware Australia is on fire.

This bust was painted as a reaction to finding out my Dad's place in Nymboida burned. And if Dad had stopped and tried to save his home as the flames roared 15m above the treeline, as the gas cylinders exploded, he would be dead.
A reaction to discovering those you love can come to harm, that they aren't immortal.

The legend of the Bunyip isn't that of a troll, it's more like a Seal in some accounts, and completely different in others.
A guardian of water sources is the only aspect that remains the same, a spirit of the land, what it represents more important than form.

An Australian Spirit of the Land would be burned, the lush wet seasons, and times of plenty would contrast with the smouldering embers, the roar of flames, and the fleeing animals. It would have to be kind.