Here is a miniature that I painted for writing an article in FanFig. I went in the spirit of the comic appears Arawn where personal killing a dragon ...

Voici une figurine que j'ai peinte pour la rédaction d'un article dans FanFig. Je suis partie dans l'esprit de la BD Arawn où le perso apparait tuant un dragon...
  • Artem Romanov

    Fus Ro Daaaah!!!
    Nice work!
    I think a bit darker deep shadows could make this figure look more dramatic. Anyway - well done!

    • Antonioooh

      Thanks a lot…

  • Melanie

    Great work on the horns of the beast. The Skin of the barbarian is a bit too green for my taste. But I really like the scene.

    • Antonioooh

      Thank you, the scene was my first objective…

  • Philip PrinzPLUS

    Looks like evil Papa Smurf on steroids :D

    • Antonioooh

      Haha!! i like this comparison :)