Halvard The Keeper
Halvard The Keeper
Halvard The Keeper
Halvard The Keeper
Halvard The Keeper
Halvard The Keeper
He had always been the best, it's to prove it against that he had faced the giant who keep this bridge and prevents anyone from passing.
The fight lasted an whole day, each one of them having the upper hand upon the other at certain times, but i twas he won. He was almost sure having seen, although briefly, a smile on the giant’s face, at the exact moment his sword punched through his heart.
It was happening decades ago. He had long since lost count. Since then, he was there, standing before this bridge which he couldn’t leave, and most extraordinary, he never felt need for sleep, food or drink. He was also immune against cold, heat, tiredness or ageing.
As time passed by, he understood that, by killing the giant, he took his place and that he had become himself the new keeper of this bridge, blocking anyone from crossing it, not understanding by which magic he was compelled to act as such, and even worst, without knowing what was on the other side of the bridge and what he must protect.
Today Halvard (*) was waiting for an outstanding warrior to bring his life to an end. He would welcome the attack with the same smile upon his face as the previous keeper when he had killed him. Many contenders came, he kept as trophies the weapons and shield of the bravest, but every one of them died in the fight… was he not always the best
(*) Halvard is composed of the old Norse word « Vard » meaning “keeper”

Paint in brush with acrylic PA Vallejo, as always, comments are welcome
  • John CordianoPLUS

    Great job on this one!

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks so much John

  • Philippe

    Très belle peinture, bravo!

    • BranPLUS

      Merci beaucoup Philippe, c’est gentil de suivre mes peintures ;)

  • Ioannis PapadakisPLUS

    Great work Bran i like it,

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks so much loannis, I’m glad you like Halvard !!

  • girlpainter57

    great idea and concept . gold

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you so much

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Ecellente peinture, et super mise en scene!! Bravo, Gold!!

    • BranPLUS

      Merci beaucoup François, et encore merci pour la traduction….

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    Gold !!!!!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you Andrii

  • Alex SilvestriPLUS

    Très joli Bran !

    • BranPLUS

      Merci beaucoup Alex ;-)

  • Francesco Thau


    • BranPLUS

      Grazie mille

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Encore une pièce joliment peinture, Bruno, avec un décor qui la met vraiment bien en valeur.
    Par contre, j’adhère moins au côté roux flashy de la chevelure et de la barbe, qui focalise trop l’attention au détriment du reste.
    Bon, je te donne de l’or quand même, elle le mérite !

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Eric. J’ai voulu attirer le regard vers le visage du personnage, c’est pourquoi j’ai volontairement saturé la chevelure et la barbe…. ;)

  • Andrey MiroshnichenkoPLUS

    Great work Bran! Gold!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much Andrey !!

  • Roy "The Norwegian" Pedersen

    Very well painted, and an good presentation aswell


    • BranPLUS

      Thank you so much Roy, I’m glad you like it ;)

  • ArtNiak

    Une superbe mise en scène Bran!

    • BranPLUS

      Merci beaucoup

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    bonne idée de mise en scène.
    tu aurais pu apporter plus de subtilité dans la chevelure qui est , même si c’est volontaire , un peu flash, et du coup attire de trop le regard.
    Évite aussi si possible les socles totalement plats, car tu perds en profondeur.
    cela reste une belle réalisation !

    • BranPLUS

      Merci pour tes conseils Marc,  j’en prends bonne note :)

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"PLUS

    Great work friend!

    • BranPLUS

      Muchas gracias Ivan, me alegra mucho que te guste :)

  • lciuis

    Nicely done!

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks Iciuis

  • yjxbyby

    Good job~~!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you so much yjxbyby

  • Siuhkyls :)

    Bruno, my dear friend - I’m a bit late with my reaction - but I already told you, in private, that you yet created/painted another masterpiece! I also enjoyed reading the story about ‘Halvard the keeper’; giving this little scene more ‘depth’. GOLD! :)

    • BranPLUS

      A very big thank you my friend, always happy to share with you .....

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Hey Bruno, according to your facebook message I am always willing to give feedback. You asked me why I voted silver on this cool project of yours. First of all, silver is a very high vote. Only topped by gold. I barely vote gold and do vote a lot of silver for good and beautiful work. If I would vote gold on everything that is good and beautiful gold would lose its meaning on this page. So, silver is a high vote from side.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Feedback as you asked me what I see. Overall this is a beautiful base and presenting the miniature really well. The light situation on the figure is really well done too. There are small things I see and this is no offense it is just my personal perspective on where I could see improvement:

      - The skintone would live up with more color variations in the face and the hands
      - The metal parts could reflect the sorrounding environment as it is a reflective material when it is polished and that round thing in his chest looks really polished
      - The leather parts could live up with more variety in brown tonalities

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      - the grass on the base looks like mininature grass with a little pigment, could look more natural if for example a wash makes the lower part darker and the upper parts brighter
      - The shield has a feeling to fall from the base, composition-wise
      - I miss a photo of the back of the project

      I hope my feedback finds you in peace and with no offense taken. Like I said this project has a lot of strong points this is why I voted silver on it. If you have any questions left to my personal perspective on your figure, please feel free to ask me anytime :)

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you Roman for commenting on this project, I understand your point of view and share it almost entirely.
      I think that metals that reflect the environment has become today a must ... It is understandable because used by good painters and it’s a shame because it “forces” to follow a way of doing .... I do not think that in a photograph of a person in armor, we really see the environment reflected .... A shiny metal can just reflect light without allowing to see the color of the landscape ...
      I think that we shouldn’t ask everyone to work in the same way and produce the same effects, it’s just a point of view. ;-)

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      My pleasure and I am happy that you do not take my feedback badly. I would not say reflecting metals is a must in painting miniatures. Really I do not want to force such thoughts on anyone. Of coure shiny metals can just be painted shiny. On the contrary in miniature painting, especially in historical miniature painting we all always strive for painting realism and shiny metal in real reflects the environment, especially when you put your miniature to a base ... from the natural aspect and realism I mean - it reflects the sorrounding environment and even the sky color ...


      ... but maybe it is just a different perspective that we both do not share when it comes to miniature painting and everyone should paints as he wants of course. When asked for feedback I just can give it to you from my perspective :)