Sculpted by me in Blender as part of a course... Mine ended up a bit creepy and cute.
The tellie was also sculpted by me at a much later date for the scene.

I first thought that this little guy was a fat pet, always just waiting for the next feed. But then I got the idea of him staring at the tellie, a tv zombie. Which helped because I got challenged to paint something with two different light sources.

Also painting in memory of a fat little rat I had. He loved his food, and loved his bed... If you took him away from those two things he would tell you off. Until he got cuddles. His name was Stilton, the colouring of the creature is the same as that fat little boy.
  • Ioannis PapadakisPLUS

    Very very good works!!!

  • Josh_Underhill

    You’ve put up a few things lately with a lot of beautiful details and consistently fine technique but this is my favourite…the unhealthy blue glow of the crt screen and wood laminate of the TV are gold..

  • Ben "skodone"

    i love this :)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"