Very fun project from 2019 involving the classic ‘Random Encounter’ model from FeR. This was my first time painting a larger figure and really opened my eyes to what the bigger canvas offers.
I was proud when this piece won Best in Category (Single Figure) in the Journeyman Division at NOVA last year.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Well well well Mr Jenkins :  this piece was even more marvelous in person .  It earned its place in the journey category which is the most saturated division and category in all of nova. I absolutely love the colors in the face for one- the less vivid colors of baby blue and drab greens adds to further realism as does the wonderful textures all about the piece upon further scrutiny. Then - that base” man oh man that base is such a marvel. The highs and lows show a sense of movement and reality. Along with all the other strategically placed vegetation. No wonder why it earned top honors.