My own private Sanakan Tribute from BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei.
  • Jakob VillienPLUS

    Super cool! How was it made?

    • DonTancredo

      Thanks Jakob! Milliput and some scratch built parts… Lot of fun and tried to keep close to the original concept for once!

  • Archigrog

    Very nice…so strange and so interest at same time!

    • DonTancredo

      Thank you Archigrog!

  • SergeyPopovichenkoPLUS

    So cool!

    • DonTancredo

      Thanks a lot Sergey.

  • John Regan

    Very Tim Burton-esque, and the OSL brings it to life. Well done.

  • Luc "Thantor" PinganaudPLUS

    Dis donc, petit coquin, le confinement te rend productif. Vivement que les soirées SM / raclette reprennent…

    • DonTancredo

      Confinement partout/ projets à terminer depuis des lustres nulle-part. Et vice-versa.
      En espérant que tu profites aussi de cette saison en enfer domestique…

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Creepy and scary

  • Max RichieroPLUS

    Oh… I like it. Your style is great!