I painted with red and gold NMM.
This is my first Blood Angels spacemarine to paint,
and I like how it comes out.

First, I was painting this without helmet.
I was not so happy with the result of painting face,
so I removed paints and tried to repaint.

However, it did not come out well, so I decided to paint his helmet instead.

I painted small freehands on his helmet, loincloth, and right shoulder.

I hope you like it.

best regards.
  • John Regan

    Excellent coloured NMM. Stunning model. Good work.

    • kenkenwf

      Thank you so much.
      At least 4 more Blood Angels are coming soon:)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"PLUS

    Hey, this reallu cool stuff! Goldgoldgold!

    • kenkenwf

      You are too nice to me:)