This project was started in October 2012 and was just finished on the day before the exibition in Kulmbach :)

That caterpillar was a very personal present from Martin Hille and some WIP-shots can be seen on my facebook album (pls. see link).

  • Melanie

    The broken cup fits perfectly. I´m really in love with your version of that figure.

    • Nicole Eppinger-Siepmann

      Thanks Melanie, it’s an honor to me that you like my version that much!

  • brian snaddon

    I didn’t know you were on Putty and Paint but i’m glad you are, as that is a brilliant paint job Nicole

    • Nicole Eppinger-Siepmann

      Thank you very much, Brian, I’m perplexed and proud of your comment at the same time.

  • brian snaddon

    I’ve been in this hobby for 20years plus and I hadn’t come across your figures before,but I saw your Alice on the Planet site and was really pleased your on this site as well as I think your Alice is the best I’ve seen yet and your Bogeyman is stunning.Look forward to your next project.
    How did I perplex you?

    • Nicole Eppinger-Siepmann

      I know many of your figures and I like your colour combinations and the amount of contrast a lot. In other words: I’m a fan of your works.
      With the perplexing I meant that I was very pleased of your kind words especially and turned red for a moment…

  • kingbingo

    gold for you!

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Excellent idea of the cup and great colors. Well done, one of the best versions!