Conan vs. Snake
Conan vs. Snake
Conan vs. Snake
Conan vs. Snake
a classic vignette!

a barbarian fight against a monstersnake!
I choose carnosaur head from warhammer kit, and it fit exactly in scale.

I used the barbarian from blacksun miniatures , I've started the paint of this figure 2 years ago in a workshop in Turin.
it's not so easy to me save the feeling of paint, so I decide to create something it comes the duel!

the biggest problem was to add the snake on the base, I sculpted his body in two parts, because the barbarian was very very well fixed to the steps.
then I paint both the parts of the snake and fixed close to the feet. add new putty and then paint the new details of the snake.

more photos on my fb @rustoart and ig @rusto_art

I hope you like looks very vintage style!!!
comments are always welcome! CHEERS...

I think it's very vintage!