Vampire Queen
I had this miniature since the original indiegogo campaign (2013?) and eventuellay had to paint it. Now she is my precious. Very hard to take photos due to the great dynamic range from very subtle dark tones to fairy bright skin and metallic reflections of the TMM.
  • Entrevon

    Jolie pièce bien traitée

  • David Gironés Ortiz Nowothny

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  • David Gironés Ortiz Nowothny

    Gold sure

  • Mariano del Olmo

    This is great painting Daniel. Best, Mariano

  • bustscale75

    Hello my name is William seath from England I have done this miniature aswell. On the one I did I broke the crown so had to make one for it. But I have got a replacement to fix it. Yours is very excellent. Well done