This is by far my biggest project, both in terms of size and also how much I've pushed myself. The sculpt by Allan Carrasco is beautiful and very inspiring, with so many possibilities. In my case I decided to go for a really warm look for the ride (Gigi, I call him) while Rocco, the rider, was pictured in my mind as a chieftain that had grown too old and had been kicked out by his clan. In his way out he reaches the stream of water that divides his former land and the new future ahead of him.
  • David_Cardona_DCC

    Mola mucho la escena javi.
    La piel de bicho me gusta mucho y la escen en general es estupenda¡¡

    • Javier "jav0" González

      Gracias David! No así la foto, que es un desastre. Luego voy a ver si soy capaz de hacer unas en condiciones.