Hi everyone,

I present to you my latest work with the magnificent sculpture by Ju-Won Jung for Galapagos-miniatures. This Harbinger is different from my usual works. The Harbinger represents death in the collective mind ...

I have created 16 balsa crosses, symbolic, which represent causes for which today still millions of humans die every year… I think of wars of course, but also of the abominable acts happening on each continent like violence against women, crimes against children or people who die simply because of the color of their skin….

I think Putty & Paint is the ideal site to post my version because it's visited by painters and sculptors from all over the world….

I am not a great painter, and my achievement is very perfectible, but what matters most is the idea that it conveys. Sometimes it's good to put your anger into a realization and think that you can be just a little bit useful ...

My heartfelt thanks here to Kim, who fully realized the background.
  • Eduardo Garcia Lope

    Great work Bran, very creative.. a sad vision of humanity anyway.

    • BranPLUS

      It is true, humanity has a dark part ... but I remain positive and I think that in the end humanity will evolve thanks to people of good will and fortunately, there are .... Thank you for your support Eduardo and for being the first to post a comment, I really appreciate it. ;)

  • fabrizio1969PLUS

    Super work!!!!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you Fabrizio, I’m glad you enjoy ...

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Comme tu t’en doutes, c’est la qualité du travail du peintre et l’originalité que je note, pas le sujet.

    • BranPLUS

      Je l’ai bien compris comme ça Eric, merci de faire la part des choses…. ;)

  • Kyle Maitland

    A very strong message Bran, thanks for sharing.

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks kyle

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    Creepy creepy creepy !!! Very creepy !!!

    • BranPLUS

      Yes John, is terrific…..Thanks for your support !

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    belle creativité Bruno !
    et une belle mise en scène couplée à la photo !

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Marc pour ton commentaire qui me fait plaisir….

  • Ioannis Papadakis

    Great work Bran :)

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks a lot Loannis ;)

  • Andrey Miroshnichenko

    Great job!

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks a lot Andrey !!

  • Siuhkyls :)

    Bruno, my dear friend, we talked a lot about this project when you you were still working on it and, now that it’s finally finished, I can only say; it looks wonderful.  The miniature, combined with the crosses and the moody background are making this vignette a powerfull statement to all what is wrong in this world. This is a true piece of art with a very strong message! Gold from me :)

    • BranPLUS

      Rob my dear friend, I am happy that we have worked together on this project, a thousand thanks again to Kim for his precious help and to you for your unwavering support ...

  • Francesco Thau


    • BranPLUS

      Grazie Francesco

  • Luc "Thantor" PinganaudPLUS

    Quel rendu de l’ambiance, la force du message ne gâche pas la qualité de l’ensemble. Du grand art.

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Luc, je suis content que tu ressentes l’ambiance et de la force du message,qui sont les points essentiels de cette réalisation ... Tu as tout compris !!

  • Bernard EntrevonPLUS

    Magnifique interprétation, pas facile de donner du sens en figurine, mais là, bravo, tu réalises une pièce majeure pour les idées qu’elle véhicule. Belle créativité au résultat sincèrement top !

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Bernard, ton message me touche et j’apprécie beaucoup !!

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Very original and creative work!! The horse and the rider are very well done, and the background is totally impressive. Altogether a general atmosphere and ambiance is created by the painting and the set up! Wonderful!!

    • BranPLUS

      Très content que tu apprécies ce travail qui m’a procuré beaucoup de satisfactions. Merci beaucoup François !! ;)

  • MaremagnumPLUS

    Incredible job, friend!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you !

  • pit rehmkePLUS

    Hi Bran,
    it is interesting to read what thoughts are hidden behind a work.
    The understanding of this impresses me and the view of the work changes.
    The color scheme of the figure skilfully underlines these thoughts.
    Very creative and excellently painted.

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment Pit !!

  • David Gironés Ortiz Nowothny

    Great job Bran

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much David, your “Tu Mea Sola Socium” is magnificent ...;)

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    Gold !

    • BranPLUS

      Thanks a lot Andrii

  • Cristiano


    • BranPLUS

      Grazie mille Cristiano

  • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

    Très original !! Bravo

    • BranPLUS

      Merci Laurent, tu te fais rare sur le forum, heureusement que je peux suivre tes travaux sur F…K

  • Anna Lepskaja


    • BranPLUS

      Thanks a lot Anna !

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"

    Good job friend

    • BranPLUS

      Many thanks friend ;)

  • "SCV Park" Yeong Min

    I like it~~ Gold~!!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you Yeong

  • John CordianoPLUS

    Skillfully done, and the message really hits home. Great work!

    • BranPLUS

      If the message got through, then I am very satisfied, the goal has been reached .... ;)

  • DavidSrba


    • BranPLUS

      Thanks David ;)

  • Vladimir_Golubev

    Great idea with captions: fear, violence ... Gold!

    • BranPLUS

      Thank you very much Vladimir !

  • Jocelyn Goyette "MetalAsMedium"PLUS

    Vraiment chouette celle là!! Or!

    • BranPLUS

      Merci beaucoup Jocelyn, j’apprécie beaucoup !!

  • Marco "BigBlackBear" Orselli

    Love it

    • BranPLUS

      Grazie mille Marco !!