Ivar the Boneless
Ivar the Boneless, 1:16 bust by FER miniatures, acrylics.

Here is my version of this wonderful sculpture by Paul Deheleanu painted for the FER-Bust@ Fb competition. All my respect to the winners with their amazing versions, their works were absolutely crazy along with many others that I have incredibly loved and I highly recommend you to check out if you didn't yet. I really hope to see one day in person the work from Alexander Habas as I truly believe you could feel the warm of the fire if you take it in your hands! :)

For me it was an amazing experience, having to paint a specific figure for a contest was a first to me and at same time an incredible teaching in regards to challenging yourself in order to make it original. I've sculpted the shield after checking several historical resources from that period and tried not to have a too much "clean/fantasy" freehand style on it either. Keeping making experiments on skin techniques and eventually pulled back my TMM paints from the closet after long period of NMM practice.

as usual.. I just hope you'll enjoy at least half as much as I had fun painting it!