From the range of Alexandros models, I have chose this excellent bust, sculpted by Adriano Laruccia. Depictes a roman draconarius of the cavalry. The draconarius was the signifer who bore a cavalry standard known as a "draco" in the Roman army. From the conquered Dacians, the Romans in Trajan's time borrowed the dragon ensign which became the standard of the cohort as the eagle was that of the legion. Of Dacian, Sarmatian in origin, the draco was later generally introduced in the fourth century as a Roman standard. It consisted of a bronze dragon head with a fabric body similar in shape to a tail behind it. Wind flowed through the gaping mouth and billowed out the cloth tail much like a modern windsock. It is thought that some form of whistle was mounted in the dragon's neck to make a terrifying noise when galloping.

It is painted it in oils over enamels.

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