Hey everyone,
this time I wanted to create a little scene where my Viking is at ease with the world. Perhaps he has decided to settle and farm, perhaps he has not gone on a raid or just returned from one. I wanted to show this fierce warrior in calmer, less violent times and used the warm colours of his landscape to help tell this story.

I quite like using a limited paleete nowadays, particularly for the barbarian times. I hope you like him and again im sorry my photography is not great, it is something ive never got close to mastering.
  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Beautiful mate!

  • Anna Lepskaja

    Gold !

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    IDE say by the look of things he def just got done with some harder times-gorgeous weathering effects on the close. Not over done and subtle enough tone believably settles in his clothes as a stain should. Beauty fully done on the shield motif and the wood grain. Base is done nicely as well . Just a beautifully painted piece.

  • Rod Curtis

    Great painting Jay! Oh the groundwork is ok too.

  • SergeyPopovichenkoPLUS

    Cool work and great base!

  • Michał "Mihausz" Szymeczko


  • Alex ✍

    Good job ❤️

  • WojciechBober72

    Beautiful work, great details, great realism of characters - Gold!

  • Denniz Hedin Salo

    I love it, you really capture the feeling of peace even thou it is a warrior. Great job!

  • Randall_Flagg


  • Ingvar_L3x

    Nice Project!
    Looks Great! The Figurine and Decoration…
    Definitely Gold.

  • BranPLUS

    Beautiful scene, I love vikings !!

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Nice painting, nice set up and nice atmosphere! Gold!!

  • Kilsh

    Great figure Jay and nicely set off by the base. Gold.

  • PhilippePLUS

    I like it! Gold!