Archer - Altores Studio
Archer - Altores Studio
Archer - Altores Studio
Archer - Altores Studio
This, surprisingly, is the official box art for Altores Studio's amazingly awesome Archer model, by Alexander Deryabin.

When I say surprisingly I don't mean because I suck. That's neither here nor there. But because this is such a classic model, that I am surprised no one begged to do it yet. Alas, my good fortune and honour. And an honour it is. Also, my third Alexander Deryabin box art for Altores.

Once again, I cannot stress enough how much of a joy it is to paint Alexander's art. Big, open, the perfect amount of detail. So much fun.

Mostly in oils. I think almost all. But tend to switch a bit. See-through nakedness all for fun. Painted in one layer of oil it was good to see how simple that actually was.

Also, Thanks Ben Komets for help. But an even bigger thanks to Mads for pictures, yet again. You rock, dude!

Buy this model at El Greco. Go on. It's awesome.

Now onto the next three Alexander models all lined up! Yay!
  • Kyle Maitland

    Great transparencies and overall ‘wetness’

    • Jakob Villien

      Thanks so much! I learnt from you :)

  • girlpainter57PLUS

    great work Jakob love the transparentcy

  • Thorbjorn BaronePLUS

    Looks great, good water effect as well :)

    • Jakob Villien

      Tak makker! Glad for at høre det.

  • Atila KawautiPLUS

    Great work!

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Beautiful work mate!

    • Jakob Villien

      Thanks so much, Magnus! :)

  • Steve "Babelfish" RileyPLUS

    Lovely work - on the greens in particular.

  • Alex ✍PLUS

    Great job ❤️

    • Jakob Villien

      Thanks Alex. Glad you like her

  • "SCV Park" Yeong Min

    Very nice painting~~! Gold~!!


    strangely your version looks like mine ... which i never published ... yet :)
    very nice work

    • Jakob Villien

      Thank you. I am surprised no one has done this like this before - it calls for a green elvish look in water.

  • Jocelyn Goyette "MetalAsMedium"PLUS

    Love the green! Gold!

  • pit rehmkePLUS

    Your representation of the transparent clothing is very skillful, the light and shadow effects in the folds convince me, very authentic.

    • Jakob Villien

      Thanks so much. All painted in one layer of oil. Took some time to get me head wrapped around.

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    lovely painting !