First contact
This project was a way for me to try OSL, since I was never brave enough to do it on a more serious project. The idea was to portray this alien cat in a red emergency light as it escaped from a space lab. I've painted a second source of OSL on the figure: the glowing blisters alongside its tails, so I get more use out of a single figure. When I was done I had to realize that the effect doesn't really work without context, so it became my first mini-diorama + projected shadow (as my chosen light position tied my hand) project as well :D.

One more thing I had to learn is that it is impossible to make a photo of this light situation using lamp light/lightbox, as it just ruins the effect, I hope that explains the quality of the photos as I had to make them in a dark corner with dim light. The OSL effect also works beter in real life in a half-lit room, with dark background.