This is an old 1/12 kit from La Ruota del Tempo, now defunct. To be honest it’s a poor casting with lots of pin holes and misformed and missing rivets. I decided to clean them all off and replace them and redrill the breaths on the great helm at the same time.

All in acrylics. The Teutonic Knights rode Fresians as destriers which are always black to dark grey apart from a rare few which are reddish brown. I originally was going to paint the horse as a ‘red’ but in the end thought that a very dark grey suited the palette more. Only Hochmeisters we’re allowed to display personal heraldry as well as the Teutonic cross, you can just see Kniprodes family crest quartered on the shield.

Base from Richard at Oakwood, plate from Nameit!


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  • BranPLUS

    A very nice result on this old kit, well done Neil !

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    Great job on this one!

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    Nice job

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