This is the Hand Bombardier kit from IL miniatures in the livery of the Earl of Oxford at Bosworth in 1485. It is an excellent kit with super fine castings, there is a choice of 2 salets this and a closed one. Both are almost see through they are so thinly cast. I have a plan hatching for the closed one I haven’t used.

All in acrylics.

By this time in the Middle Ages hand guns were fairly well established but a mix of designs was evident. It was still seen as a prestigious weapon, though it’s effectiveness was questionable. Prestigious or not it was a dirty and dangerous weapon to use, with burns and blindings not uncommon. There are historical accounts of how the Gonners appeared covered in soot and black powder. Many were of continental origin or even mercenary’s. I see our man here coming from Southern Europe and finding himself in the ranks of Oxford during the various battles culminating at Bosworth.