A very special project finally finished!

Yncarne is one of my wife’s favorite Warhammer model of the last years, and I painted it to the best of my ability using also her favorite colors. She loves it, and that’s all that matters, although I hope you also like it.
  • Jakob Villien

    What a wonderful gift! Brilliant.

    • Hugo Teso

      Thanks for your kind words. She is very happy with it, and that’s also a good way to get her allow me to invest all these hours painting :)

  • WojciechBober72

    Nice job-gold

    • Hugo Teso

      I’m glad you like it, I’m quite proud of the result TBH. Thanks a lot for your vote :)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    wow, gold!

    • Hugo Teso

      Thanks a lot for your positive feedback and vote, means a lot and motivates me to keep painting.

  • John Delamere


    • Hugo Teso

      Glad that you like it John, thanks!

  • Ricardo Pisa


    • Hugo Teso

      Thanks a lot Ricardo! :)

  • jparkdr


    • Hugo Teso

      Thanks jparkdr!