Hey everyone here is my version of this iconic piece. There's quite a story actually as I saw this figure painted by Banshee in a Games Forces magazine a friend had and it was what got me truly started in painting shall we say display figures. That was a few years back for sure.

This figure is actually one of the very first Masters and was a gift to me from Elias via quite a circuitous route about six years ago. It has sat in a little box in the drawer of my desk up until about a month or so ago where I built up the courage to paint it.

As you may know, it's from the now-defunct Pizarro and truth be told the sculpting and casting are both a little on the coarse side but it's such a historic piece I am very happy to have it in my cabinet.

I actually have. the second copy of this figure and one day I will paint that too but I will use my knowledge from this one to correct a lot of the deficiencies in the cast to hopefully create a better version.

Something I was trying with this figure was to use a little symbology. The figure is known for his large iron hand and so I wanted to paint it all rusted up and kinda pointless, much like many of the wars he's no doubt been forced to fight in. It was also too good an opportunity to miss not to go to town with some strong contrasting rust.

All painted in acrylics and brush.