Buried Deep
Buried Deep
‘I strode along this wasteland, nothing but earth and rocks. The rocks formed the most interesting patterns, crystalline almost, but rocks none the less. No valuable minerals, no interesting findings. Just rocks. One day I encountered a hole, and in the dark of night, I found redemption. If I never see the light again of day again, it will not have been in vain.’

Builder Diary:

Short, sweet, and small.

A song came to mind, eventually. Emotion Detector by Rush and it gave us the title.

Right To the Heart of the matter
Right to the beautiful part
Illusions are paintfully shattered
Right where discovery start
In the secret well of emotion
Buried deep in our hearts

I wanted a cave, filled with glowing crystals, that only glow in the darkness. I could also then play with some faint OSL effects. Nothing crazy of bright, and a reflective visor. Metaphor wasn’t intended, but the subconscious rules the game and I can find some in this, whether I intended it or not.