Look Upwards and Share the Wonders I’ve Seen
‘I was taken away from home, was stalked half across the galaxy by insane military commanders. I made some good friends, and we lived in a freaking space whale. I will never forget those people, but sometimes it is nice to be back in Kansas, cracking a cold one, looking up at the universe. To drink it all in, like a couple cold ones.’

Astronaut 6 of 13. Another personal favorite. Let's have something good today instead.

Really just a mix of something I felt was pretty 'Critchon' (Farscape) feeling and on brand, and encompasses some of the themes of the show, or at least the attitudes. Kick back, enjoy a brew, stare at the stars.

A fun play with lots of fluorescent pigments and an experiment with frame and a 2.5d sky backdrop. I rather like the effect.