Garmr based on the artwork of Paul Bonner’s Out of the Forest. Produced by Journeyman Miniatures, sculpted by Joaquin Palacios, cast by Ciprian Negut. I had a lot of fun painting this guy and I wanted to paint him as accurately as I could to the Artwork (as it was Paul’s artwork which I fell in love with in the first place) He presented a number of challenges for me, painting an interesting nuanced grey fur, painting hair over a large area and transposing the 2D art onto a 3D figure. I’m pretty happy with the result.
  • WojciechBober72

    Exquisite painting - gold

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks mate, very much appreciated

  • Phoenix Miniature Art


    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Liam xxxx

  • Mally Anderson

    An awesome version man. Thoroughly excellent execution throughout.

    • TimPLUS

      Cheers Mally and thank you for all the feedback through the painting x

  • girlpainter57


    • TimPLUS

      Thanks you

  • Alfonso Ciattini


    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Alfonso

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


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      Thanks mate, xx

  • Nik Ableev


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      Why thanks you

  • Bernd Meißner

    great color choice, gold

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Bernd, I tried to follow Paul’s painting as accurately as I could in regards to colour choices so I guess credit goes to him

  • Xavierator


    • TimPLUS

      Legend, thank you

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    If it were up to me it’s be editors choice- gold wonderful attention to detail .

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks BAM, I always appreciate your support and encouragement xxx

  • Alex ✍

    Great work Tim ❤️

    • TimPLUS

      Thanks Alex much appreciated

  • Robert KarlssonPLUS

    Uper cool mate, but I dont like you wearing glasses =)

    • TimPLUS

      What really! I think they make me look sexy AND intelgent

  • Jaime Chocano

    I love the fur on this one. You should upload here one of the close-up pics you have on Instagram ;)

    • TimPLUS

      That’s a good idea actually. I’ll do it as soon as I can workout how

  • jparkdr


    • TimPLUS

      Thanks you very much mate

  • Jim Jackson

    Brings back lots of great memories. Gold.