This is my first project finished within 2021 and my first published in P&P.
Although in the beginning my plan was to paint a piece which would quickly find its place in the cabinet of finished works… ideas started kicking in.
One idea brought the other and voila! Red cap left his axe as to manage the guillotine and save the world from all the famous, cute, but still “mice” of our world! After all the disguised "pests" are the most dangerous for our society

Yes… it took me more than anticipated to wrap it up, but I don’t regret it all!

The wonderful figure is “Red Cap” produced by Blacksmith miniatures.
Barell, bucket and wooden hammer were bought a loooong time ago (I have no idea which company produced those).
Everything else was scratch built by myself.

Special Thanks to @DemiKaratzaferi for the amazing photos taken. She is the best!
I hope you like it!