Miniature of Teutonic Brother-Knight Guard of the Grand Master Winrich von Kniprode (during the battle of Rudau), late XIV century.
The Battle of Rudau, it was a medieval pitched battle fought between the Teutonic Knights and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania on 17 or 18 February 1370. According to the Teutonic chronicler Wigand of Marburg and the Livonian Chronicle of Hermann de Wartberge, the Lithuanians suffered a great defeat.
The Teutonic Knights also suffered heavy losses: they lost several of their officers, including the Marshal and two Komturs.
The basic model kit is produced in 1:24 scale (about 75mm).

Sculptor: Oleg Pogosyan.
Painted by Viktor Osipenko
Original idea and research by Ingvar_L3x