Gallic Chief
Gallic Chief
Gallic Chief
Gallic Chief
  • A.Demidov

    Gerard Depardieu is very similar-face)

  • Oliver "HonourGuard" SpäthPLUS

    Great work, such realistic colours. Especially the skin and the horns look really awesome ;)

  • schiraga


  • Archontis Kitsios

    Excellent reds!

  • Federico Sorgi - Hellpaint

    by the horns I improvised a lot, I started with a picture of a bull, horns have the circles perpendicular to the length of the horn and where there are calluses dirt accumulates so it has vertical grain color of the floor, then bend where, in inside these rings are crushed and collect much less dirty so in that curve looks more white, and from there it seems that it will broaden the rings and everything is based on a tip that darkens with scratches and ivory points where there are stone chips, so I started with this analysis and I rebuilt the layers with painting

    based stonegrey VJ
    rings and stains ground Maimeri natural shade, I added black darkening of the horns in the toes to almost black, I used a black ivory Maimeri, then with a titanium white Maimeri I added vertical stripes, lights to the edges of the spots and brightened with vertical lines near the area where the curve on the inside before dark area

    • Federico Sorgi - Hellpaint

      I added the color vallejo l ‘Tamiya X21 getting very porous colors for a base that absorb oil

      oil phase
      I greased the floor with diluted natural shade all
      I rehearsed with the titanium white vertical streaks fade with a flat brush
      adding black ivory I rehearsed the tip
      with the diluent I cleaned the chips on black.
      with the land of cassel have given a glaze to the area between the curve and black and I profiled hanging…