Naronia. The feared Necromancer. High Priestess of Kiaransalee... Graveyards are her candy shops.

My entry into the White Werewolf Tavern February Comp. Couldn't resist painting her up, I always saw her as drow.

Sculpt is from White Werewolf Tavern and stl file can be found here.

I also don't typically paint women. I like craggy monster skin, so this was a challenge. A fun challenge.

She is painted up as a PC I travel with in our long running 3.5ed D&D game. The party is Harris (wild elf, vampire, barbarian), Naronia (half-drow, true Necromancer), Aenor (sun elf, duskblade) & me Theobroma (drow, vampire, shadowdancer).
Together we are more likely to kill each other than complete the dungeon.