The sculpt is based on a painting by Alphonse Mucha
It is based on the greek tradegy that tells the story of Medea, an enchantress who appears in the Greek myths. The granddaughter of Helios (the Sun god), she is most well known as a vengeful scorned woman.

There are many versions of her story, but the basic outline of it is this: she helped Jason to capture the golden fleece on condition that he married her; she was responsible for the deaths of several powerful men who stood in her way including her brother, her uncle and King Pelias; she was abandoned by Jason for Glauce and in revenge she sent Glauce a dress dipped in poison that killed her after which Medea killed two of her own children to spite Jason.

The story was made into a movie in the 30's. This and the Art-nouvea style done on the movi poster by Mucha made me go for a art-nouveau styled composition.

the lamp (which is custom printed and a paper shade) , background and floor are all based on design features of that decade.