Hello guys!

Here’s my latest work: Boromir giving the “For Gondor” speech after the battle in Osgiliath with the white flag of Gondor flying high. It’s a custom sculpt by a talented 3D sculptor, you can find him on Instagram under

I’ve spent a ton of time on this piece and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’ve started by watching the scene from the LotR movie a lot of times. Then I’ve planned out and sculpted the base to match the movie scene. Then I tried to paint the miniature itself to be instantly recognizable as Boromir.
I have also put a lot of time into the base as you may have noticed: there’s a piece of paper on the rocks, a bucket with some water and leaves in it, an extra Gondor shield and some more stuff to make the scene a tad more interesting.
On the final pictures I’ve also shown Boromir’s shield that unfortunately isn’t that noticeable as it’s on his back but I like to paint all the details to a high standard so it had to be done properly haha.

Anyways, sorry for the long read and thank you so much if you’ve come this far!
Hope you like it!