Hello everyone.. my 1st mini uploaded here on P&P. Hope you like it.
Elf 75 mm
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Vitaly Lapshin


  • danielenocella1964

    Semplicemente STUPENDO!  Bravissimo: il metallo trattato benissimo, l’effetto dei cristalli sulla gamba spettacolare, come anche l’ambientazione, semplice, ma esaltante. Il mantello giustamente mimetico con la neve…Oro ovviamente. .
    E’ uno di quei pezzi che, osservandoli, invogliano a migliorarsi sempre più e a progredire. BRAVO!

    • Stefano Lancioni

      Grazie! vuol dire molto quello che hai scritto, apprezzo molto

  • Tuğbay "Toobuy" Yağcı

    I liked it a lot! it deserves a better rating! congratulations!

    • Stefano Lancioni

      Cheers buddy! I appreciate, it means a lot for me.
      you know..Sometime it happens that someone doesn’t agree with my view, I accept it, what I don’t accept is the invidia or don’t recognize any kind of value without any kind of support or explanation

  • HubyPLUS


  • TimPLUS

    Very nicely done mate. I have no idea why this is not in the 90’s?!

    • Stefano Lancioni

      Thank you Tim I appreciate your thought

  • RUSTO art and craft show Fabrizio Russo


  • Max RichieroPLUS

    Gran b3l lavoro!!! Gold

  • Massimo Sciarra

    Ottimo lavoro.

  • Andrea - MyArmies


  • Gionata Santisi

    Very good. I really like the armor tones.

  • RaTr


  • Bran

    Spettacolare !!

  • BlueRider

    GOLD Nothin’ less

  • Nicole Matano

    Lavoro strepitoso, la texture del mantello mi colpisce in particolar modo!

  • Alessandro "Alastar" Marinone

    Bellissimo! Oro ovviamente

  • Fabio Naskino Fiorenza

    Simpli gold

  • JakeyZHPLUS

    Absolutely gold!

  • Mario "Docitalicus" Pizzoli

    Another great paint job Stefano.
    Non appreciate the mix between the fantasy look and the historical feeling. A great “hybrid” comes out like an elf may have been fighting with a medieval knight.
    I am not a fan of NMM but the way it look is fantastic.
    Bravo, not a surprise but a confirmation to be one of the best Italian painters

    • Mario "Docitalicus" Pizzoli

      “I do appreciate”, sorry for the typo

    • Stefano Lancioni

      Thank you Doc! I really appreciate your words, what I want to achieve is to combine the historical attention for the uniforms with the emotional fantasy view, studying the subject, trying to catch a particular moment and studying the character.

  • Charletto

    Lavoro stupendo! Complimenti

  • Knightincantor

    Come ti ho già detto… tantissimissima roba! Le varie texture, sembra quasi di toccarle! Gold tutta la vita

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    love it mate! gold and editor!

  • Samuel DiociasePLUS

    Bomba. Bellissimo

  • Maria Alberta "Musha" Iaia

    Bellissimo GOLD!

    • Stefano Lancioni

      Grazie Maria “Musha”!! Ti ringrazio molto

  • marca77

    Super gold!!!

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    Strepitoso gold

  • fabrizio1969PLUS


  • Michael VolquartsPLUS


  • HenkPLUS

    A fantastic piece of work. 

    I think a lot of people vote with their tastes, rather than looking at the skills involved.  Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the NMM style, but the execution is excellent,  and the face, wolfs fur, and the super texture of the cloak make it much more than a fantasy figure. I also like the base (I love snow dioramas in 1/35 scale.. ) and the snow on the wolfs fur balances the piece.

    • Stefano Lancioni

      I really thank you Henk, I appreciate what you said and I perfectly agree with you.. the thing is that we have to accept the good and the bad if is honest and with an open dialogue, a critic can help if is well pointed out.

  • Alex ✍

    Beautiful work Stefano ❤️

  • Roberto Sirchia

    gran ben lavoro, Stefano!

    • Stefano Lancioni

      Ciao Robi! grazie mille! ci sei anche tu! ti seguo

  • Marco "BigBlackBear" OrselliPLUS

    Splendido Lancio!!!

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo


  • Mirko Cavalloni

    I love the cloak!

  • Luca Riva

    Gold as you armour

  • Samahel_Painting_Clinic


  • Sandro Zinzeri

    Gold !

  • Cristiano

    Bello Stefano, tanta roba

  • Gabriele Leni