Dawn of the Black Hearts
Conversion of Alexander Deryabin’s Punk’s Not Dead.

‘Dawn of the Black Hearts’

Finally some more views of this one.

The backside has writing from the basement of the shop ‘helvete’ in Oslo. Dawn of the Black Hearts

Conversion of Alexander Deryabin’s Punk’s Not Dead. From Altores Studio

Having thought long and hard as to whether or not I should show this piece, I decided to (but may delete later if I don’t like it - or people don’t like it). It is a brutal piece showing early black metal, which was a really gritty metal genre, who did heinous acts, including church burnings and murders. I am neither satanist nor especially interested in the gritty and the dark, but for some reason I like black metal. It brings a chill down my spine, and there was just dark soul to the core of early black metal bands. However, I should state very clearly, that this is not an homage to this dark bit of Norwegian musical history, but rather a curiosity and an insistance to dig into different musical genres with this bust.

The paint job is neither especially good, nor is the sculpting from my hand really with any merit. And the pictures are horrible. But having seen other do a barbie version with corpse paint I kinda had to finish this. No disrespect, honestly.

Let me know what you think.

painted for my friend Mr. Overballe. Respect to the flying man! We’ve got your back.
  • Tobias_K_Aasvang

    Awesome work!

    • Jakob V

      Yeeeah! Thanks mate!

  • girlpainter57

    sinister feel that still retains its humanity gold

    • Jakob V

      Thanks so much! I guess there is humanity in there, but effort has been made to remove it altogether!

  • Alex ✍

    Amazing work ❤️ Congrats Jakob!

    • Jakob V

      Thanks mate!

  • RaTrPLUS

    Hell yea!!

    • Jakob V

      \m/ :)

  • John Delamere

    Great work

    • Jakob V

      Thanks John! Haha!

  • keng666

    Great work

    • Jakob V

      Thank you!

  • Eamon Connerty

    Love it!

    • Jakob V

      I am glad to hear :)

  • Pierre Balmette

    Nice conversion and painting, gold!

    • Jakob V

      Thanks so much Pierre. The conversion was the hard part

  • Romain Schoemaeker « Gr0gus »

    I actually like it because of the symbiosis, you barely can dissociate the gender (I believed it to be a man until the last picture), yet it real speaks plenty to me about dehumanisation, rebellion, anti-conformism, primal rage both in it’s subject and its form ...

    • Jakob V

      Thats a great observation, thanks. I suppose the stripping away of human soul is part of it. Dehumanization. Bringers of chaos and suffering. That whole spirit. Also, interesting with the gender observation. I did not think too much of it, but did nothing to bring the female touch to it, as it is largely irrelevant. If anything, it is interesting because it isn’t feminine, as I was aware as it shouldn’t be sexualized. So net net undershirt and such. I did bring the tiny black heart pendart, as a remnant of the girl departed. I did the same with the punk. She had a tiny lady bug tattooed behind the ear. But that was it. Other than, gender irrelevant. I thank you for your comment with observation!!

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf

    I love Rock Metal Punk etc. Black and Death Metal are among my favorites
    The actions you described were of course heinous and evil and a whole music genre should not have to suffer for those few deranged persons.

    Your work is awesome. I love the conversion and the paintjob, the dark vibe is there.
    You did capture that brutal pose, wonderful!
    Please don’t take it down. It deserves a place here.

    • Jakob V

      Thanks for this comment, I really do appreciate. The genre is where it started with these fanatics, and I think therefore it was interesting to show. And thank you, I think it deserves a place here too. It was an incredibly difficult piece to do and gave up many times during.

  • byebye

    Ehehehehe niiiiiiiiiiice!! Gold

  • Henk

    I really like this, for several reasons. First, because we dont see people very often change a model/figure from it’s original as created by its sculptor.  This is probably because a) people like the original (that’s why they buy it, right?), or b) they dont feel they should/can.  But if a piece is altered to show an emotion, it makes the original a personal piece, which is more interesting than yet another similar version of the same.
    I particularly like this, because I too like Metal, all of its variants, the music has a raw expression of feeling, often brutal, but never misogynistic. I wont bore you all with the thoughts or politics behind (early) Black Metal, but it I a free society it has its place.
    As for your comment that “the painting isn’t especially good”, I disagree,  and even so, it encapsulates the harshness of the genre.  Corpse paint is not exactly applied with great precision in real life….lol

    • Jakob V

      Thank you Henk. Sorry for not writing earlier. Thank you for taking the time to write. I actually got way too into the early black, ‘wave 2’, while studying for this, and I admit it was a brutal study that I had to take breaks from. And yes! The genre is messy and full on, and it was my goal here too. Thank you again.