acrylics. Bust by Journeyman Miniatures, sculpture Joaquin Palacios, based on Paul Bonner artwork.

Hello friends!
here I come today with one of my latest works on this incredible bust from Journeyman Miniatures!

Definitely inspired by Norse myths for this "unconventional" concept compared to the legendary artwork from Paul Bonner.
In Norse mythology, Garmr or Garm (Old Norse "rag") is a wolf or dog associated with both Hel and Ragnarök, and described as a blood-stained guardian of Hel's gate.

The Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál mentions Garmr:
The best of trees | must Yggdrasil be,
Skíðblaðnir best of boats;
Of all the gods | is Óðinn the greatest,
And Sleipnir the best of steeds;
Bifröst of bridges, | Bragi of skalds,
Hábrók of hawks, | and Garm of hounds.

One of the refrains of Völuspá uses Garmr's howling to herald the coming of Ragnarök:
Now Garm howls loud | before Gnipahellir,
The fetters will burst, | and the wolf run free;
Much do I know, | and more can see
Of the fate of the gods, | the mighty in fight.

It was a while I had this concept in mind but it took me some to find the bravery to put into practice. Hope you'll enjoy it!